The Hope of Israel - What Is It? - by Philip Mauro

The Hope of Israel - What Is It?  - by Philip Mauro
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Written from the historic Amillennial perspective, this theological classic demonstrates that modern Dispensationalism's doctrine of the restoration of an earthly kingdom to national Israel is a revival of the very same teachings which led to the crucifixion of Christ and the persecution of the early Christians by the apostate Jews. It was because of Paul's views and his preaching that he was so furiously persecuted by the Jews, and was finally sent in chains to Rome. Had he been preaching what the Jews, themselves, believed to be, and what their rabbis had given them as, the true interpretation of the prophecies (namely that God's promise to Israel was a kingdom of earthly character which should have dominion over all the world) they would have heard him with intense satisfaction. But what Paul and all the apostles preached was, what what God had promised afore by His prophets in the Holy Scriptures was a Kingdom ocer which Jesus Christ of the Seed of David should reign in resurrection, a kingdom which flesh and blood cannot inherit, a kingdom which does not clash with the fully constituted governments of this world,and one into which Gentiles are called upon terms of perfect of equality with Jews.