Kingdom Eschatology Flash Drive Set

Kingdom Eschatology Flash Drive Set
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This series features 18 hours of instruction on 9 MP4 Video Files & 9 MP3 Audio Files. The titles included in this series are as follows: The Coming of the Lord, The Last Days, and the End of the World - As Taught by Jesus and His Apostles (Lesson 1); The True Israel of God (Lessons 2, 3); Daniel's 70th Week (Lesson 4); The Great Tribulation (Lesson 5); The Real Babylon the Great (Lesson 6); The Book of Revelation (Lessons 7, 8); Identifying the Four Beasts and the Two Witnesses (Lesson 9). Also included is the Teachers Guide for each lesson and the book The Coming Of The Lord by Larry T. Smith. Now you can take these files with you - just transfer them to your portable device like a smart phone or tablet. (Product May Vary From Photo)