Kingdom Eschatology - DVD Set
By Larry T. Smith

Kingdom Eschatology - DVD Set<BR>By Larry T. Smith
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9 DVD's & Cases - This series features 18 hours of instruction on 9 DVD's. The titles included in this series are as follows: The Coming of the Lord, The Last Days, and the End of the World - As Taught by Jesus and His Apostles (Lesson 1); The True Israel of God (Lessons 2, 3); Daniel's 70th Week (Lesson 4); The Great Tribulation (Lesson 5); The Real Babylon the Great (Lesson 6); The Book of Revelation (Lessons 7, 8); Identifying the Four Beasts and the Two Witnesses (Lesson 9).

Kingdom Eschatology helps form the basis for Kingdom understanding. Learn the difference between God's Doctrine of faith and man's Dispensationalist doctrine of fear. After studying this material you will quickly see why so many people have said that these lessons have not only changed their prophetic views, but have also changed the way that they walk with God.