A Whole New World - The Gospel According to Revelation - Book by Greg Uttinger

A Whole New World - The Gospel According to Revelation - Book by Greg Uttinger
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This little book is a perfect introduction to the fulfilled view of the book of Revelation. With easy to follow reading, it would be a great book to give to someone who has never heard this view before. Readers will realize that an understanding of the events, metaphors, and symbols of the Old Testament are key interpretive tools. A person untaught in the Old Testament and unaware of even a few important chapters in the New Testament (i.e., Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, etc.) will struggle mightily. However, by using the grid this book provides, the interpreter’s understanding will be greatly enhanced. The reason is that the grid is derived from the book of Revelation itself, and not from any outside interpretive model or prejudice.

George Santayana once said that brevity is “almost a condition of being inspired.” Brevity may have a stronger punch than a literary tome. Before we can have the last word, we must first hear the first word. This little book is that first word. This means it can be safely placed into the hands of any Christian, regardless of age or spiritual maturity. It gives each Christian a jump-start, significantly reducing the likelihood of a reading stall. The book of Revelation is indeed a revelation, a revelation for all of God’s people. A Whole New World shows how this is true.

ISBN: 978-0-9796736-0-3
Softback - 81 pages.